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Pamela J. Oakes is the Get-Smart-Get-It-Done Coach!  She’s been an amazing strategist, and advisor. She was able to up-level our non-profit business in the area of efficiencies, governance structure and revenue generation.  We are now active in 9 countries and her comprehensive assessment report has become our guiding strategy document.  It is great seeing her in action. We recently held our Annual Fundraising Gala and without hesitation we chose Pamela for the keynote address because in addition to her many skills and talents, she is also a wonderful public speaker!

Ndudi Chuku, Executive Director

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Pamela Oakes was the keynote speaker for a League of Women Voters conference on homelessness.  She was dynamic and captivating. She hit the nail on the head with her comments about needing a single place for homeless people to call to get service and about health care being the single biggest cause of homelessness among families. We were delighted to have her experience and knowledge to inform our conference. We are so grateful to Pamela for stepping in and being our keynote speaker.  She added just the right note of color and information! 

Cynthia Stewart, President

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Without hesitation we would recommend working with Pamela J. Oakes.  She has been a huge asset to our work in Guatemala.  Our vision of helping orphans and the very poor in Guatemala started by visiting an orphanage with 13 children in very unacceptable conditions.  Karen and I began immediately helping out of our own pockets, but quickly learned if we wanted to really help we would need ideas and a strategy to fund even their most basic needs.

Thanks to Pamela's funding ideas and strategies, we've not only been able to help meet some of the most basic needs for the children, but we were able to move them into a much needed new home and purchase a new 15 passenger van.  For the very poor in the village of Rodeo, we built a small medical clinic, a small school, and a big community center.  We could not have done it without her.  

Tom & Karen Beckworth, Founders

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Pamela brought a wonderful and sincere energy to her presentation. She is very easy to work with, responsive to the needs of our organization and attentive to details. Pamela was our keynote speaker to kick off our AAUW State of Washington Convention, and she certainly started us on a high note.  She provided our group with information to help them think about the issues important to AAUW and new ideas our organization had not considered. The information Pamela shared about the need for good data was very interesting. AAUW could be more effective as fulfilling our mission by using carefully collected data.  

It was wonderful that she took the time to thank our group members for all they do. They are a devoted and tireless  group of women who are constantly giving to their communities and sharing their skills and talents with others. They really appreciated being recognized for their hard work. 

Eileen Baratuccio, Vice President

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My passion is helping women create businesses that are their passion, purpose, and provide profit!   However, I have spoken with so many women over the last year who are social entrepreneurs or whose vision includes starting a non-profit…I am always honest with them.  I don't have a clue about starting and growing a sustainable non-profit organization.  I happily refer them to Pamela J. Oakes, a talented non-profit strategist whose business acumen is surpassed only by her heart to do good.  The combination of her expertise as a successful business owner, international training with industry leaders, and hands-on experience in global aid & relief put her at the top of her game.  She can help take a non-profit from the idea stage to a full-fledged, sustainable organization.

Rashida Gaye, CEO

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Pamela was absolutely wonderful with her performance as a speaker.  She was clear, articulate, and most importantly the message she delivered was impactful.  She did a great job engaging the audience and she is a phenomenal public speaker.   

After the event, Pamela was gracious enough to accommodate everyone that wanted to speak to her.  On behalf of our class and university, thank you so much! 

Glen Pak, Seattle University - Red Winged Leadership Awards Committee


Working with Pamela has been a wonderfully relaxed and educational experience.   I am going out into the business world with a greater confidence and persistence.  The information given was enlightening and easy to understand because of the time and examples given.  I’ve been given enough information to implement the training immediately and I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Pamela to anyone seeking similar services.

Beverly Wilkinson, CEO - Dressed Up Outside Messed Up Inside

Very full of knowledge when it comes to nonprofits, set up/establishment, and planning all the details.  Pamela also an exceptional ability to take in what you say and transform it on paper.  What I liked most was the guidance and big picture analysis.  I’m ready to go!  I have a plan and a mindset to hit the ground, ask, and close the deal to get funding for my nonprofit.

Sanithia Parker, Executive Director - TEMPLE Lifestyle

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The positive feedback continues to pour in!  You knocked it out of the park.  And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing up and giving of yourself and your time so generously and beautifully.  I would love to have you back for future events so let’s stay in touch.  And of course, if there is anything I can do for you in the meantime, please reach out.  We are Better Together.

Christina Owner - Lean In Seattle

Thank you again so much for a wonderful session! I heard a lot of great feedback in the room and a number of individuals seemed to walk out of the room with action items to help them with their development plans.  I am grateful for your time and expertise given to the group. I hope you can continue conversations…to explore additional opportunities for sessions with S.V.P. and the greater community.

Jaimisa Gourley, Program Manager - Social Venture Partners