My Passion

To ensure that those who want to change the world for good, have the funding and resources to do so!  When over 90% of nonprofits fail within the first 2 years, I’m focused on helping small nonprofit and social enterprises, hit the ground running and fast-track funding results.

Imagine What's Possible

  • Your nonprofit generates regular and consistent revenue to hire and pay staff!
  • All of your nonprofit programs and services are FULLY funded!
  • Your nonprofit is top-of-mind with Grantmakers, Funders, and Donors, nationwide!
  • Your legacy of good work and good will leaves an enduring impact on the community!
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Yes! This Could Be You

Doing the work that you are uniquely called to provide!  All the money and resources you need to make a difference and make it happen!  I’ll guide you through my PROVEN nonprofit funding system so Instead of chasing down every penny, nickel and dime you fulfill your mission, walk in your purpose and live your passion every day!


  • Little or no forward momentum. (…dead in the water?...)
  • Constant grant rejections and funding setbacks
  • Diminished capacity to offer services because you simply can’t afford it
  • A nonprofit that is functioning on life support (…and quite frankly, you’re about ready to pull the plug!…)


  • Ability to grow your charitable operations and expand your reach
  • Power to generate revenue and achieve funding sustainability
  • Acceptance of your grant and funding proposals
  • A JOY knowing that you are spreading your vision out in the world
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How We Will Work Together

I don’t limit the concept of revenue generation to just fundraising and grant writing – that’s only a baseline starting point.  Drawing on my expertise in the industry (…a quarter century and counting…), my extensive training as a program officer and grant writer for the wealthiest nonprofit in the world, coupled with a vast international network of funders and philanthropist across the globe, I employ a wholistic approach to help you:

Learn the powerful tool that brought in $500K for one of my clients

Expose your nonprofit funding flaw (it’s not what you think!)  I’ll show you how to find and circumvent yours!

Discover the truth about successful nonprofits that you’ve never been taught, but will set you on fire!

Reveal the one thing you need to know that could triple your revenue – this is going to blow your mind!!

Position your nonprofit to attract and catch the attention of funders and grant makers.












Let's Do This!

It takes big audacious thinking to believe you can make a difference in the world and it's going to require that same FEARLESSNESS to bring in the big bucks! 

I will leave you with a PROVEN, tactical roadmap to sustain your organizational mission and a strategic FUNDING action-plan to get you there!

Let’s talk about where you are now and where you want to be. Schedule your FREE discovery session now and let's get started. 

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Are you looking for a leadership speaker for your upcoming conference, retreat, seminar or virtual event? 


I absolutely love working with nonprofits, entrepreneurs, visionary leaders and everyday dreamers who are also passionate about changing the world while living a life of passion, dedication and service. I have worked successfully with a variety of audiences around the world by delivering powerful keynotes, trainings and workshops on:

  • Nonprofit Leadership

  • Social Entrepreneurship

  • Social Justice

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

  • Goal Mastery

  • Personal Transformation

To book Pamela to speak at your next event, please email Pamela@Profitable-Nonprofit.com or call (800) 706-4026.

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Stoke the flames of your own greatness. There’s no time for you to spontaneously combust, the world needs you to set yourself on fire!
— Pamela J. Oakes
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